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Welcome 2 Goldie land your mine now mwa ha ha

ALL MINE! *twitch* i m crazy

19 April
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I'M A HIPPIE VERSION OS SATAN! who loves the little christian boy named Jeff.
I'm insane. I love kitty cats n afi. I like metal and classical. I can't spell. I duno if I like people. I'm gona go now. YOU LAUGH AT ME BECAUSE I'M DIFFRENT I LAUGH AT YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL THE SAME! MWA HA HA! *twitch twitch* sorryness *huggles*
...ehm ehm. Well, my names Goldie, I live with the fam still, own a old ass chevey truck. I have a mustang named Tank and 2 dogs; a doberman picher and a mini pin, spend most my time listening to music, drawing(badly mind you), Sleeping, working, being outside with the animals, practicin teh Kuk Sool Won!, and I like to write all sorts of things. s'about it.

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http://www.myspace.com/thatgoldiecat Check out dose pics of me, <3.

EDIT: My rat Fugly.. the hairless/blind one died. So did his fuck buddy Rex... but it's okie... they're in a better place... or so I hope... :].....
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